Smart Ways To Keep Your Home Warm This Winter

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Smart Ways To Keep Your Home Warm This Winter

Leaves are changing, the air is cooling, and winter is on its way! With the first snowfall, you’ll be turning on the heat in your house. However, this isn’t always enough to keep you and your family warm on a chilly December day. Here are some smart ways to keep your home warm this winter!

Install a Smart Thermostat

Install a smart programmable thermostat to maintain constant control over your HVAC system. This will allow you to easily alter the temperature in your home and set a heating and cooling schedule. Smart thermostats will help maintain the heat in your home and save you money on your utility bills!

Make Sure Vents Are Clear

Now that you have the heat going, ensure every vent in your home is clear. Check every room to see that no furniture, clothing, or other items are covering the openings. This will prevent heat from properly circulating throughout your home.

Seal Windows

When you still feel cold air slipping in after shutting your windows and turning on the heat, try sealing your windows. There are a few ways in which you can do this:

  • Caulk
  • Weatherstripping
  • Shrink wrap

Open Curtains on a Sunny Day

Take advantage of the sun’s natural heating properties! When the rays are beaming, open your curtains and let them in. This will help warm your room without expending extra energy and costing more money.

Update Your Roof

If these tricks don’t work, it may be time for a major home renovation through updating or replacing your roof. While this can be a high upfront expense, it’ll pay off in the long run. Be sure to improve your roof’s wind resistance since this can often be the cause of cold air getting in.

Bake Treats

If you want a quick fix, do some baking! By turning on the oven, you can rapidly warm up your home. At the same time, you’ll fill it with the delicious scent of baked goods. Everyone loves fresh, toasty cookies and brownies in the winter. You’ll warm the kitchen and yourself this way.

On a cold day this season, follow these smart ways to keep your home warm this winter. Ensuring you and your family stay comfortable and happy in the coming months can make all the difference when you spend your days indoors. Stay warm!

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