3 Creative Fall Fundraiser Ideas for Students

3 Creative Fall Fundraiser Ideas for Students

Since the autumn season is synonymous with gratitude, fall is the perfect time to gather and host a school fundraiser for a worthy cause. With so many festive fundraising ideas to choose from, deciding how to raise money can feel a bit overwhelming. Check out the creative fall fundraiser ideas for students outlined below to find event inspiration.

Pumpkin Carving Contest

Nothing says fall quite like an old-fashioned pumpkin carving contest. Participants can get in the spirit of Halloween by carving or decorating a jack-o’-lantern to raise funds for their school. Plus, this idea is easy for students to orchestrate because the only materials you need are pumpkins and carving supplies.

You can choose to host the fundraiser on school premises or at a local pumpkin patch. Keep in mind that hosting the event offsite may attract more visitors and provide the opportunity to partner with a local business. Be sure to charge an entry fee to the contest and award a prize for the best-looking or most creative pumpkin.

Harvest Dance

Another creative fall fundraiser idea for students of various ages is a harvest dance. This unique fall staple is a great way to raise important funds for your organization. Ensure your dance is as authentic as possible, with live folk music and a dance caller. Since harvest dances typically involve choreographed routines, they should be simple enough for all students to participate.

The ticket prices can go toward supporting your organization or a specific cause. Students can distribute promotional fliers throughout the building and host the event in the school’s gymnasium or auditorium.

Pie Competition

Is it even fall if you don’t consume at least one slice of apple or pumpkin pie? To get in the tasty spirit, incorporate these yummy fall treats into your fundraising efforts. Students and their families can submit their best pie recipes in a traditional bake-off. Attendees can purchase a ticket to the pie contest and vote on their favorite slice. They can also purchase a raffle ticket for a chance to win one of the homemade pies.

Another option involves students asking for pie donations from local bakeries and restaurants. Participants can pay a fee to sample each slice of pie or compete to win an entire pie. Either option is a great fall fundraiser.

Knowing a few fundraising tips to raise money for school events can help you make your next fundraiser a success.

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