5 Ways To Design Your Home With Safety and Style in Mind

5 Ways To Design Your Home With Safety and Style in Mind

Homeowners often find it tricky to balance a hazard-free environment with stunning aesthetics. Nevertheless, you can design your home with safety and style in mind. Continue reading to gain inspiration and start protecting your children from harm.

Select Furniture With Smooth Edges

Kids are constantly running amuck and failing to consider their surroundings. This may cause them to harm themselves.

As you browse furniture options, try to choose pieces with smooth edges to protect your little ones. You can find coffee tables, chairs, hutches, desks, and more.

Choose Non-Slip Flooring Materials for Steady Strides

Nothing evokes pain like running around the house in a pair of socks and slipping on your butt. Be sure to select a non-slip flooring material from the get-go since kids love to run and play.

Kids may slip on flooring like ceramic and porcelain tiles or any flooring with a high-gloss finish. Materials such as bamboo, cork, natural hardwood, engineered hardwood, textured tiles, and vinyl are naturally slip-resistant and safe for people of all ages.

Install Lighting to the Backyard Fence

Fences increase property value and provide ample safety around your home. But after each sunset, everything in your yard goes dark. A great way to make the security of your home even better is to install lighting around the fence.

You may install LEDs on the top of the fence for enhanced illumination inside and beyond the yard. Or perhaps you’d prefer lighting at the fence’s base for clear walkways. Both additions will establish better visualization around the yard and deter potential threats.

Hang Photos and Artwork Securely Into the Studs

Creating a gallery wall with your cherished memories and beloved art pieces can be a delightful addition. However, you can’t forget about safety when creating this display.

Always aim to hang heavier frames and artwork on the wall studs for secure installation. Nails hammered solely into the drywall are likely to collapse, putting your decor and family at risk.

Use a stud finder to locate the wood behind the walls and mark them. After identifying their location, you can confidently hang the items without fear of them damaging the walls and flooring or harming your little ones.

Incorporate Smart Home Technology for Additional Security

If you’re a tech-savvy mama on a mission, integrating smart home technology is the extra layer of protection your home needs. Consider installing devices such as smart locks, cameras, and motion sensors that blend seamlessly into your home’s design. Take advantage of modern, minimalist designs to deter intruders.

When you take these innovative ways to design your home into consideration, you’ll have the ultimate environment built with safety and style in mind.

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