4 Ways To Keep Your Bathroom Cleaner and Healthier

4 Ways To Keep Your Bathroom Cleaner and Healthier

One of the more unpleasant jobs in the house is keeping the bathroom clean. Weekly cleanings may not seem to cut it, leading to a buildup of mold, mildew, grime, and more. If you’d like to cut down on cleaning time, take stock of the current state of your bathroom and see if certain elements are preventing it from sparkling. Here are four ways to keep your bathroom cleaner and healthier. Implement them today, and you’ll notice the difference almost immediately!

Wipe Everything Down

Bathrooms are places to get clean. So it’s funny, though not surprising, that they can become incredibly messy and dirty places. Besides the dirt and grime washed off during every bath or shower, you must also contend with various cleaning agents like toothpaste, soap residue, hair, and other ickier things people leave behind. Stay ahead of the buildup by giving the bathroom a quick wipe down with a cloth and household cleaner after use or at least every few days. Keeping ahead of the mess will help the weekly cleanup go faster and keep the bathroom looking good and smelling great.

Check Your Ventilation

Unless there’s a window in the bathroom, it probably has a fan or other ventilation system. If it’s been smelling musty and muggy in the bathroom, check the vent. There may be a great deal of dust clogging it. Give it a quick vacuum, then wipe it down. If there still seems to be blockage, remove the vent cover and clean the other side as well. See if there’s any buildup inside the duct. If there are still issues, contact a professional to see if the device is working properly. You may have to improve your bathroom ventilation.

Keep the Toilet Clean

It should go without saying that the toilet can host more germs than the rest of the bathroom. Do regular cleanings at least twice a week. Keeping sanitizing wipes nearby and wiping it down every other day will kill germs and keep down odors. Keep the toilet brush clean too. Otherwise, you’ll just be cleaning germs with germs. After cleaning the toilet bowl, rinse it off in a solution of hot water and cleaning solution with a disinfectant. Let it dry by hanging it over the bowl and using the lid to hold it in place. Spraying it with disinfectant afterward and spraying the holder before replacing it will keep it even cleaner.

Monitor the Trash

Out of sight, out of mind. That tends to be the case with bathroom wastebaskets. They can fill up swiftly with tissues, discarded containers, hygiene products, and more, especially in the kids’ bathroom. Unmonitored wastebaskets can spill and cause havoc. Make a habit of checking and possibly clearing the wastebasket every day, not just the night before trash pickup.

These are just four ways to keep your bathroom cleaner and healthier. Get ahead of the grime by taking the time to perform quick cleanups for a spiffier restroom.

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