3 Reasons To Keep Your Kids Away From a Home Renovation Site

3 Reasons To Keep Your Kids Away From a Home Renovation Site

Construction sites are dangerous for people of all ages. However, children are the most likely to endure harm. Although you’re finally getting the home makeover of your dreams, living in a renovation site isn’t pleasant or safe. It’s especially important to keep your kids away from the home renovation site. Continue reading the reasons why this precaution is necessary for your little ones.

Your Kids Could Easily Injure Themselves

Children are curious beings. They want to explore and play, but a construction site isn’t the place to wander around.

The Dangers Around

Kids are likely to hurt themselves by stepping on loose nails, touching a saw, or tripping over power tools. Their clumsy nature makes them more prone to injury in such a cluttered, complicated space. So you must keep them away to protect them.

Your Kids Are at Risk of Inhaling or Ingesting Hazardous Substances

The trouble with renovations is that there are unexpected items and substances at every turn. Lead, asbestos, mold, and more are some of the hazardous substances that can appear during home renovations.

Asbestos Exposure

Kids are especially more susceptible to the various health concerns that stem from asbestos exposure. This substance can be in insulation and popcorn ceilings of older homes. If children delve into the site without a mask, eye goggles, or gloves, they are likely to inhale, ingest, or touch any of the hazardous threats we mentioned above.

Your Kids Might Damage Their Hearing

Children’s ear canals aren’t quite developed. Constant exposure to loud sounds, like construction power tools, will increase the likelihood of ear damage.

Keep Drilling and Sawing Away

Kids’ ears are also more sensitive to loud sounds in comparison to adults, so constant drilling and sawing can cause immense distress for them. Keep them away from these loud sounds to protect their hearing.

What Should You Do Now?

Now that you’re aware of the reasons to keep your kids away from a home renovation site, you must take precautions to protect them.

Go Elsewhere

Try to find alternate housing during the remodel. Renting a house or an apartment or staying with family should suffice for a few months.

Block the Space Off

If you have no other choice but to stay at home, you must block off the renovation. Plastic sheets and baby gates are a couple of examples. Establish rules around the house that those areas are off-limits for the children. Then, designate kid-friendly spaces where they feel safe.

Work While the Kids Are Away

Another piece of advice is to conduct the renovation while the children are in school or at daycare. This gives construction workers plenty of uninterrupted time to work while keeping your children away from loud sounds and various hazards.

Supervise Your Little Ones

Finally, always supervise your children. As mentioned before, kids can get into trouble in the blink of an eye, so you must keep your eyes on them as much as you can. It’s the best way to keep your kids safe during the construction process.

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