Ways To Make Local Parks More Attractive

Ways To Make Local Parks More Attractive

Taking the kids to the park is a time-honored parental tradition. While kids don’t need a lot of bells and whistles to have fun outdoors, it’s more entertaining for the whole family if they can visit beautiful, multi-functional, and well-equipped parks. Learn some ways to make local parks more attractive that you can bring to your next parks and recreation district meeting.

Plant New Trees

Improving green spaces always makes parks more appealing. Consider creating natural areas in the parks that feature native species of trees, shrubs, and flowers. Lay paths with informative signage providing education about the benefits of native plants and the dangers of invasive species.

Make Sure Amenities Are Up to Date

Nothing spoils a picnic like a smelly, unkempt bathroom. Parks will draw more visitors and become more vibrant if they have clean facilities with modern fixtures. Yes, this can be a major expense for small park districts, but you can make a good case for prioritizing upgrades if restrooms haven’t been updated in decades.

Shelter and Shade

Unbroken stretches of green space are great for sports but not so great on hot days. Offering shade is a must. Park shelters can ensure the special birthday party happens even if it rains. Shelters that feature fireplaces keep visitors warm in fall and winter, extending the times residents can use their parks for meetups and events.

Add Art and Theater

Your local park can easily become an art gallery with creative additions from local artists. Some works of outdoor art are made for kids to climb on, while others are kinetic, with moving parts that are fascinating to watch.

A public park is a perfect place to set up a summer festival performance space. With a concrete pad, a roof, and electricity, your local community theater and visiting musicians can extend recreation into those long summer evenings when the sun doesn’t set until after nine.

New Playground Equipment

Old playgrounds aren’t just uninteresting; they can also be dangerous. Work with your park board to find the funding to upgrade playgrounds and parks with new, durable, colorful plastic components that don’t need paint or have sharp edges. Plastic connectors in parks are safer than metal screws, and they don’t rust. Machined plastic in parks also makes long-lasting benches and picnic tables that are easy to clean.

These are just a few ways to make local parks more attractive, which will enhance family fun when you’re out for a picnic, playtime, or getting some fresh air.

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