Tips for Keeping Your Collectibles Safe While Moving 

Tips for Keeping Your Collectibles Safe While Moving

Collectibles are a fun way to follow your passion. Whether you do it to invest or as a hobby, there’s no shortage of things you can focus on.  

If you have a big move coming up, you might get worried about safeguarding your items. Here are some tips for keeping your collectibles safe while moving. 

Get New Boxes 

Packing everything in a box is essential, so you don’t have to move items individually. It might sound tempting to use the boxes you already have on hand, but you don’t want them falling apart in the middle of moving. Cardboard loses its integrity over time, making the bottom more likely to fall out. 

Getting new boxes when moving your collectibles will ensure everything stays safe during transport, and having the same size boxes will make organizing and fitting everything neatly easier. 

Use Packing Materials 

Don’t simply throw your collectibles in a box. Loose items can get shaken around and break, putting your collectibles in danger. Packing materials will allow you to create a tight fit, ensuring your items stay safe no matter how bumpy the ride gets.  

Foam inserts, bubble wrap, and shredded paper are some of the most common materials. You’ll need to consider whether the collectible has an original box to ensure everything stays undamaged during the move. If your collectibles include models, use these tips for packing and transporting diecast model cars to learn more.  

Tape Carefully 

Tape is essential for securing boxes during a move. Using adhesive to create a strong seal will keep the elements away while movers shuffle things around. The tape also adds a measure of security if you’re using a professional moving service. You can tell if a box has gotten tampered with by looking to see if the tape got removed or pulled back.  

However, you’ll want to ensure you don’t get tape on your items since it could leave a film or cause pieces to break off. Most tapes are acidic, and the PH level can have unexpected effects. If you accidentally get tape on a collectible, do your best to clean it off carefully.  

Use Labels To Keep Everything in Order 

Packing and moving a lot of items can get confusing fast. Things can get lost, damaged, or even stolen. Labeling your boxes with unique names will ensure everything stays in order. 

With these tips for keeping your collectibles safe while moving, you won’t have to worry about your precious items while they’re going from point A to point B. 

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