Safe Household Items for Babies To Put in Their Mouths

Safe Household Items for Babies To Put in Their Mouths

An elite middle linebacker will always have their head on a swivel, looking in every direction to ensure the team succeeds. As the parent of an infant, every day has you feeling like you’re a middle linebacker, constantly vigilant and moving quickly to prevent your child from putting something in their mouths that shouldn’t be. But there are some safe household items for babies to put in their mouths that won’t disturb your peace of mind if they get their mitts on one of these.

Baby Toothbrushes

Getting your kiddo to brush their teeth when they’re older might be a constant uphill battle. Yet, when they are young, you may need to pry a toothbrush from their hands. Fortunately, it’s perfectly safe for infants to gnaw on baby toothbrushes, which is handy when teething. Anything that pleases them and takes their minds off their teeth breaking through their gums is worth considering.

Silicon Kitchen Utensils

You may look at some kitchen utensils and see a wooden spoon to stir boiling pasta or a spatula to flip pancakes. However, your infant will look at these tools and see hours of entertainment, especially if they can put them in their mouths.

The best idea is to have colorful silicone kitchen utensils to toss their way as you prepare dinner. The soft, cushiony material will feel good on their gums, and there is no reason to worry about them consuming any harmful toxins or being at risk of getting a splinter in their lips.

Empty Water Bottles

If you prefer to buy your water in individual bulk plastic bottles, the odds are you have two or three of them in every room of your home. Thus, it might be something your baby darts towards when they begin to crawl. Luckily, you can let them chew on the bottle to their heart’s content after you remove the label and cap.

Between the sound a bottle makes when they squeeze it, the soothing water droplets, and the chewable plastic, they’ll look at a discarded water bottle the same way you look at a beautiful piece of jewelry.

Stuffed Furry Friends

These plush fabric toys make them a soothing choice for young hands and curious chompers. Therefore, it’s important to have a quality soft toy for your little one. They can calm themselves by hugging their stuffed animals, giving them a feeling of security and comfort. Furthermore, your child’s sensory development will improve based on the variety of materials manufacturers use to construct these stuffed animals.


When all else fails, you can use the failproof method of actual food, assuming they are ready to consume some safe snacks. When babies are adamant about putting everything they find in their mouths, they might be hungry. Thus, filling their little bellies with some food may curb their desire to be a human vacuum cleaner.

While you constantly fear that your loved one will put the wrong thing in their mouth, potentially swallowing something that’s hazardous, you can depend on these safe household items for babies to put in their mouths without much worry.

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