Pandemic Dating Sees 457% Increase in Outfit Woes

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Recent Google search data has found that searches for “what to wear on a walking date” has increased by 457% in recent months. As the nation has been left no choice but to see our loved ones outside, it’s hardly surprising. It’s fair to say the dating scene was just as unprepared for a global pandemic as other sectors were. So, the one question on a lot of people’s minds is – how can I be stylish, yet comfy for an outdoor date? 

When it comes to finding an outfit that reflects the occasion perfectly, this is no easy decision to make. Instead, this dilemma sees us glaring at all the possible outfit choices and combinations we have piled up in our wardrobes for hours on end.  

You’re not alone with this though! In fact, recent Google search trends reveal that we as a nation search for advice on what to wear to a date quite regularly. 

From long walks in the park to a traditional restaurant meal, over the last 12 months, we have gathered data on what questions we as a nation search for the most when it comes to finding an outfit perfect for a date. Let’s take a look! 

What to wear on a walking date? 

Walking dates appear to have spiked in popularity over the recent months. The most obvious explanation to this would be due to Covid-19 circumstances leaving us no choice but to see our loved ones outdoors. With this in mind, this question has increased at a staggering percentage of 457.14 this year – leaving many having to adapt their style to suit the outdoors. 

Comfort should, of course, be the main priority for this one – opting for heels or dress shoes is definitely out the question. For when you want to look stylish but also walking-appropriate, wearing a pair of boyfriend-style jeans, trainers, and a knitted cardigan or jumper could be the ideal combination. You could even go for the ultimate sporty look and style a pair of sports leggings and exercise top with trainers – the choice is yours! 

Ladies Trainers:

What to wear on a picnic date? 

Dates are always a daunting experience, so finding an outfit that you feel comfortable and confident in is a must. According to our data, ‘What to wear on a picnic date?’ has been searched for more than ever this year, increasing by a staggering 320%.

Depending on the weather and location of your picnic date, your outfit choice will of course vary.

For those opting for a traditional park picnic on a warm summer’s day, pairing shorts, a casual T-shirt, a light weighted coat of some sort, and ankle boots is an ultimate go-to style you could try. Or if this isn’t quite what you had in mind, wearing a cute romper dress is a great alternative. 

Ladies Ankle Boots:

For a picnic date that is arranged on a cooler, more temperate day, switching the shorts for a pair of beige chinos, a white long-sleeved blouse with a cardigan, and trainers makes for an adorable outfit suited for the occasion. Both comfort and style are important, so sticking with a pair of flat shoes, whether they are trainers or ankle boots, will save your feet a lot of pain!

What to wear on a dinner date?

Although dinner dates have been the go-to type of date for decades now, picking out the ideal outfit for them has never been an easy decision. The constant dilemma of needing to find the perfect balance between a casual and dressy outfit, but a one that’s not too much on either side, often causes more stress than what’s needed. In fact, our data finds that this query is only increasing with time, as Google searches show this question is being searched for at an increasing rate of 84.62% year-on-year.

Depending on how formal the dinner date is, this is usually the ultimate decider as to what to wear.

For dinner dates in venues that are more on the casual side than formal, floral print dresses and skirts are ideal. From wrap dresses to midi skirts, these fashionable items can be dressed down with a pair of sneakers or boots, depending on your preference!

On the other hand, for those going all-out chic and luxurious for an expensive dinner date, finding an outfit you won’t feel under-dressed in is equally as stressful. Heels are always a go-to – from stilettos to ankle straps, it all depends on which you feel comfortable in. It’s often assumed that dresses are the intuitive option, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Opting for a pantsuit with a blazer and blouse styled with heels can create the ultimate smart and sophisticated look for any formal event.  

Women’s Heels:

What to wear on a casual date?

When we’re told to “just wear something smart-casual”, this is often an instruction that leaves more questions than answers. It appears the UK nation is faced with the same confusion, as Google data finds this question is being searched at an increasing rate of 54.55% year-on-year. 

Although there is no right or wrong answer as to what exactly is considered to be ”casual date” attire, there are a few staple pieces that are ideal for these occasions. 

Vinyl pants with an oversized jumper or sweatshirt of some sort and a pair of trainers is ideal. For those that love all things vintage, pairing 80s style jeans with a cropped T-shirt and a pair of black boots with a leather jacket is the ultimate casual look. 

Chunky Boots 80s/90s Boots:

Since social media now plays an integral part in our fashion tastes and trends, there are many famous faces and celebrity icons you can turn to for advice on what to wear for your date. It’s important to remember though that being bold with your style is a great concept to embrace, so wear what you want and strut your stuff! 



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