How To Host a Clothing Exchange With Friends

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How To Host a Clothing Exchange With Friends

A clothing exchange is a wonderful way to eliminate apparel you no longer want while adding new garments to your wardrobe. Plus, trading clothes with friends gives you new clothing for free! As you prepare for your clothing swap, create a list of who you’ll invite, establish a location, decide on a clothing type, and create rules for the event. Keep reading this blog to find out how to host a clothing exchange with friends.

Decide Who To Invite

Consider which friends or relatives have a similar size or style to you since a clothing swap doesn’t work if everyone is a different fit. Keep the trade to five to 10 people to prevent anyone from feeling overwhelmed. Having fewer people also reduces the risk of high demand for a single piece of apparel. Once you decide who you’ll invite, text or call everyone you’ll involve.

Establish a Spot

As the host, you’re most likely holding the exchange at your house, but you need to select the ideal room. A large area with plenty of open space is perfect since there’s room to lay out all the clothes for everyone to see. You could even use a garment rack to hang items to make it feel like a cozy boutique!

Decide on a Clothing Type

Additionally, consider the type of clothing you’ll ask everyone to bring to the swap. For example, one of the best ways to sustainably recycle eco-friendly clothes is through the clothing trade. Keep in mind that eco-friendly apparel uses natural materials such as linen, cotton, and wool.

Everyone invited should know the type of clothing to bring to the trade based on the price range, garment type, or occasion.

Create Trading Rules

The final tip on hosting a clothing exchange with friends is to establish rules immediately. All apparel should be clean and free of rips or stains. Likewise, everyone should bring the same amount of clothing and take an equal amount home. In other words, if guests get 10 items each, everyone should leave with 10 garments if desired.

All of you can also work together to decide what you’ll do with any leftover clothing at the end of the swap. One of you may know someone else you can give the items to or donate the garments. Most importantly, keep the clothing trade light and fun for everyone involved!

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