How To Choose the Best Sport for Your Child

How To Choose the Best Sport for Your Child

Many families find no need to separate their children from sports. While some kids may rather do anything other than play sports, many others would love to spend all their free time engaging in physical activities. If your child is searching for a new game this season, it can help to know how to choose the best sport for your child.

How Much It Costs

Unfortunately, one of the primary factors one must consider is the cost of the sport. Despite their interest in a sport, some activities might be out of the price range of some parents. Beyond the cost of the equipment involved, one must also account for the cost of traveling.

For example, playing soccer may be relatively inexpensive compared to other sports because it only requires shoes and some protective equipment. Still, the costs add up if you travel hours away and stay overnight for away games. Hopefully, the cost is only a minor motivator for the decision, but it will hold more weight for some than others.

Play the Percentages

Sometimes, the right sport falls into a child’s lap based on their physical stature. Ideally, someone tall and lanky would do well in sports where height is an advantage, such as basketball. Someone with incredible hand-eye coordination could be a lethal golf or baseball player, and someone who can be physically dominant might tear it up on the wrestling mat.

Playing to the strengths of their physical capabilities should lead to a road to success. If they continue to thrive in their sport of choice, they could earn collegiate scholarships and possibly even make it their full-time profession.


Enjoying an outdoor sport is great when it’s in season, but what are they supposed to do when it’s out of season? Rather than closing shop for half the year, finding a sport that doesn’t rely on clear weather gives your child a chance to enjoy it 365 days a year.

A sport just as enjoyable with a roof overhead as under the sun ensures your child maximizes their potential and improves their skills without an off-season dragging them down.

Team or Singular?

There are pros and cons to playing a team sport and one individually, so it’s up to your digression to figure out what best suits your kiddo. The common denominator between the two is finding a good coach to help them blossom.

Coaching may be more imperative in a singular setting since it is one-on-one. Bad coaching could set your child back years in development if the coach offers bad advice. Bad coaching may be more about neglect than poor mentorship in a team setting.

Certain sports have both a singular and team dynamic. For instance, pickleball’s popularity continues growing, regardless of whether the sport is by oneself or a partner.

Your Child’s Enthusiasm

Ultimately, the four things listed above mean nothing if your child doesn’t have the same enthusiasm for sports as you imagine. There’s little reward in making them participate in a sport they don’t enjoy. The best strategy is to have them explore several sports to figure out which sport sticks. You can quickly eliminate certain sports from their interest.

Knowing how to choose the best sport for your child ensures you collectively make the right decision based on the appropriate factors. Assuming you settle on the best option, your child should have years of enjoyment and a possible long-term future that’ll make them happy for the rest of their life.

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