Helpful Tips for Creating a Safe Basement

Helpful Tips for Creating a Safe Basement

For many homeowners or renters, the basement may not be the most inviting room. Basements are typically dark, dank, and used for little more than storage or laundry. Worst of all, some of these underground rooms have unexpected dangers that you may want to consider. To make the space safer and cheerier, here are some helpful tips for creating a safe basement.

Control Humidity

Excessive humidity is a common issue in basements. As rainwater soaks into the ground, moisture can make its way into the air and settle in your basement. You may also have plumbing pipes running along the basement ceiling and washing machine hookups that contribute to the humidity levels. Humidity makes a basement feel muggy, causes mold and mildew, and makes your storage boxes soggy and unusable. You can help mitigate the dampness by installing a dehumidifier and emptying it regularly.

Install Alarms

Several potential gases and hazards can come from your basement that you should be aware of—especially radon. Understanding what radon is and why it’s so dangerous may even save your life. Every basement should have a radon detector to alert you of the invisible gas, as well as a smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector. Having these alarms in the basement can help alert you to potential problems before they seep upstairs.

Have Proper Lighting

One helpful tip for creating a safe basement is to invest in proper lighting. Many basements have very simple lighting fixtures with exposed bulbs that don’t properly illuminate the space. You may want to consider track lighting or some brighter options that highlight potential tripping hazards like stairs or changes in elevation. Renters may not have the option of installing new fixtures but can use external lighting options like lamps to help brighten the enclosed space.

With these tips, you can make the basement in your home—whether you rent or own it—a safer, more enjoyable place. Doing so will give you peace of mind and encourage your family to spend more time in such a useful, versatile room in your home.

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