6 Tips to Improve Product Description

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Images and videos help to sell products, but textual description is also of great importance. Visitors need to know exactly what you are asking them to buy.

When describing a product, show exactly why someone might buy it. Consider what problems this product solves, or the advantages it brings. This process calls for an understanding of your target audience, research what they need, and what drives them to spend. Cheapcustompapers gives you detailed information to improve your writing skills.

Here are 6 tips for improving your product description.

1 – Speak in clear language:

Unless you sell only to highly educated people, choose to write using terms that anyone can understand. Choosing the right text can be challenging, you must find a balance between words so that everyone can have a good understanding.

2 -Write in accordance to your target audience:

Harry Potter books have not become popular just because of the story. Author JK Rowling’s writing was what caught the initial attention. Harry’s world is detailed and complex, but even so, the reader has full compression of what happens. 

Your visitors should understand what you are saying, and the best way to ensure that this happens is by writing to them. Don’t be afraid to insert a little humor while talking about the advantages of the product.

3 – Tell your customers how the product can help them:

Saying what a product is or what it does is logical, what people want to know is how useful that product can be in their lives. This is why the technical specifications of a product should be placed after the description or on a side tab.

Describe if the product is easy to use, in what situations it can be used, and what are the advantages of buying that product over another.

For example, the product description should tell you that the material is tough, adaptable and flexible, characteristics that most people look for in a sneaker. In addition, they must inform about the absorption of impacts, making tennis ideal for sports.

4 – Focus on the customer, not you:

One of a company’s biggest mistakes is focusing more on the product or service than the customer.

Which of the following statements sounds best to you?

– This dishwashing sponge is beautiful and works well

– You’ll smile and try less using this new sponge

The second sentence is directed to the customer, who will be more convinced to buy the product by seeing what advantages it will have. In short, highlight the best points for the customer.

5 – Don’t be vague:

Use words that make sense and avoid redundancies, that is, don’t use words just to fill the space. It is unnecessary to use words that only fill the space, this causes the customer to lose interest and stop reading. Eventually this customer may even leave the page and give up the purchase.

6 – Give real examples:

Many products can benefit from lists exemplifying how they can be used. Unless the product is used for a single purpose, try to use examples that apply to the general public.

An example: Not everyone who wears a physical activity wristband is trying to lose weight. Users of this accessory may be training for a run, or have been instructed by their doctors to take walks to improve their health. Others use it only to monitor sleep. If you focus on just one use of the product, you will lose the attention of other customers looking for other uses.

In the example below, we see how the store has transformed the description of an air conditioner into showing that it also works as a decoration for its environment and has functions that go beyond air cooling.

If you don’t know exactly what information to put in your product description, listen to what your customers have to say, what questions they have. These product questions can guide you in what to say and how to say it.

Plus, you need a complete e-commerce platform that allows you to insert photos, videos, manuals, and all the extra information your product needs.

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